Noviawrap - Self-seal Corrugated Board

NoviaWrap packaging is suitable for almost everything imaginable - from CDs, DVDs and games to glass bottles, boomerangs and mechanical spare parts. If we do not stock the correct size, we can manufacture one ideal for your items offering you the complete personalised packaging solution.
NoviaWrap is fully recyclable and we are proud to hold a RESY mark on our products.

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Available directly from stock in a wide range of sheet and roll sizes in standard and heavy duty grades to provide maximum protection.

NoviaWrap - for instant protective wrapping and unbeatable value for money.

  • No unfilled voids nor movement within the pack irrespective of item size
  • Needs no tape, string, glue, staples or other packaging materials
  • Seals by hand, press or automatic wrapping machine NoviaMatic
  • Adhesive sticks only to itself not to your product
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Fully Recyclable - see our Environmental Policy page


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