Noviawrap - the environmentally responsible packaging solution

EnvironmentalAll NoviaWrap® material is fully recyclable. Please contact your local council for recycling facilities. NoviaWrap® is a fully recyclable and bio-degradable self-adhesive corrugated board that can be easily disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner through standard waste paper reprocessing systems. This contrasts starkly with plastic bubble-film lined padded envelopes, where the only disposal options are land-fill or incineration.

The `green` credentials of NoviaWrap® were independently confirmed as long ago as 1991, when it was awarded the coveted German RESY mark, which is granted only to products, that are 100 % re-pulpable in the recycled paper making process. As the German RESY approval of NoviaWrap® was based solely on laboratory tests, further studies were undertaken by PIRA, the leading paper industry independent research institute in the UK, to confirm that NoviaWrap® could indeed be satisfactorily broken down within an actual wastepaper processing plant under standard manufacturing conditions.

A mill trial was undertaken to simulate the effects of an occasional batch of waste containing a significant quantity of NoviaWrap®. No problems in respect of stock preparation, machine running or final product quality were detected. NoviaWrap® can therefore be fully recycled by typical waste-paper processing mills.

Company Environmental Policy

Novia Ltd is committed to adopting practices aimed at minimising the environmental impact of operations and to supporting the principles of sustainable development. The Company undertakes to comply with all environmental legislation and will seek to constantly improve its environmental performance. In particular, the Company is committed to the following objectives:

  • Managing existing & new processes so as to minimise the pollution of air, soil and water using the best available techniques not entailing excessive cost
  • Reducing consumption of materials, fuel, water and energy, using renewable or recyclable resources
  • Minimising the production of waste arising from our operations and disposing of that waste in a way that will minimise harm to the environment
  • Eliminating or reducing the use of substances known to be environmental toxins or proscribed substances
  • Designing new products in such a way as to minimise their environmental impact in production, use and disposal
  • Assisting our customers to meet their own environmental obligations
  • Considering environmental issues when making new investments
  • Providing training and facilities to allow the implementation of this policy
  • Encouraging suppliers and sub-contractors to demonstrate a responsible attitude to the environment
  • Avoiding causing nuisance to our neighbours and considering the rights and opinions of others in managing our activities


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