NoviaWrap® is simple to use and provides excellent protection. To make the process of wrapping even easier, we offer presses.

Novia X-Press

The new Novia X-Press is the ultimate NoviaWrap accessory. It is the combination of customer feedback and innovation, and incorporates the latest design features in order to make your NoviaWrap packaging experience even better than before. The full body design can be used as a preparation area for smaller items, before completing the seal with a flush finish. We are providing all customers the choice of how to fix the X-Press in position. If you prefer the permanent fixing, screws and washers are supplied, whereas a more portable option is available using rubber feet.

Novia® X-Press Features:

  • Easy to set up
  • Fixing accessories and instructions supplied
  • Work with extra precision
  • Provides a neat finish to all items
  • Always ready to use thanks to heavy duty spring loaded hinge
  • Fix in place for extra stability
  • Suitable for all sizes of wrap sheets

Total Weight: 4kg
Size: 280mm x 300mm

Download video demonstration or Watch on youtube

Hand Press

NoviaMatic® Desk Press

NoviaMatic® desk press is designed with high daily outputs in mind. It will help your dispatch department to maintain packing speed throughout the day or over a long period of time, without stress or strain, especially when using our heavy duty Plus grade.

NoviaMatic® Desk Press guarantees tight and evenly sealed packs, whilst removing the risk of parcels opening in transit due to lack of pressure; additionally, it produces crisp seals and more professional looking parcels

NoviaMatic® Desk Press features:
  • Fast
  • Compact: minimum packing space used
  • Robust
  • Silent
  • Easy to move from one packing area to another
  • Reduces operator strain
  • Increases productivity
  • Excellent value for money

Download video demonstration or Watch on youtube



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