Hand PressPraise for Novia Wrap

Novia have always offered the very best in customer service. We have a number of stocked sizes along with the ability to cut special sizes to suit every customer’s individual requirements.

If you would like to discuss your needs, please contact us.

Here are just some of the most recent comments we have received from our vast customer base:

We are regularly using Noviawrap though, and have been extremely impressed with the versatility of it. Cutting down to size for small items is an obvious option, but the adhesive qualities enabled me to 'patch'
together some of my smaller pre-cut pieces to fit very snugly around a very awkward shape, namely a saxophone!

I can't recommend Noviawrap highly enough.
Hand Press

Considering the distance it has come, that is a great service. Many thanks for all your help.

I'm really happy with the Novia corrugated Wrap and the Fabulous Hand Press!!

The new Press is awesome, many thanks!

One of the best companies we've worked with over the past five or more years, we would strongly recommend Novia to anyone!

It's been a great success and once our roll has finished I'll definitely be in touch for another order.

I really appreciate the top-class customer service.

Many thanks for your excellent customer service and for being proactive in selling your business and products which by the way are excellent and I have already started using the sheets I received today.
They are brilliant!! (:->}

I use the Noviawrap for wrapping books. I have tried other kinds of packaging and I have found nothing better for protection of fragile and valuable items of varying sizes. Also it is quick to use, stronger, versatile, looks professional, and is more economical than padded bags.

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